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Offering you more productivity, more reliability and more control, UHF-R is premier wireless technology that helps you master the complexities of large-scale wireless installations. UHF-R takes wireless to a completely new level.


Robust, Reliable RF Performance

• 60 MHz bandwidth for up to 40 simultaneous compatible systems/band

• Track Tuning filtering technology

• Switchable transmitter output power


Superior Wireless Sound Quality

• Shure’s patented Audio Reference Companding


Integrated Networking / Advanced Control

• Wireless Workbench software

• Ethernet and USB compatibility

• AMX/Crestron compatibility


Fast Setup and Operation

• Networked Automatic Frequency Selection

• Group Scan

• Infrared Automatic Transmitter Setup


Rugged & Durable Construction

• Sweat-resistant all-metal construction

• Low-profile, lightweight magnesium bodypack

• Shure’s rigorous mechanical and performance standards

Shure UHF-R UR4D/UR1 Bodypack System

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