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The Sanyo PLV-WF10 projector is the best choice that satisfies your quest for an LCD projector that effectively displays your thoughts and views to the audience. This Sanyo projector, with anative resolution of 1366x800 pixels, delivers images, texts, and videos in astounding colors. This LCD projector, with a contrast ratio of 900:1, enhances even the minutest details of the images and videos played. Furthermore, this Sanyo projector, with 4000 ANSI lumens, facilitates an excellent visual treat with extraordinary brightness. This Sanyo projector’s remote controller with a laser pointer helps you operate the projector from a distance so that you can move around and connect with the audience while giving presentations. Loaded with a real color manager system, the Sanyo PLV-WF10 projector ensures balance adjustment and gamma correction when connected to a PC.

Sanyo PLV WF10 Short Throw Projector

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