The RCF ART-500A 2-Way 15" Active Speaker is designed to work in a variety of professional situations including primary sound reinforcement and supplementary fill. The high power 500W amplifier, complete electronic processor and premium RCF low distortion, high power transducer combine to give this active speaker a compact, high power accurate system with unique clarity and low distortion.


The high power 15" woofer comes from years of RCF technology and the resulting fast and accurate reproduction of the midbass frequency range and tight punchy bass are a true testament to the technological updates. As if that weren't enough, RCF has also included a 3" inside/outside voice coil to minimize power consumption extend the life of the speaker.

The lows aren't the only thing that's covered, the highs also feature top notch quality with a 0.05mm pure titanium dome, vented suspension, and high flux ceramic magnet and an edge wound 75mm aluminum voice coil. 

The low frequencies and compression driver amplifier produce a warm and clear class AB design with the help of a generous 2-step class H TAED design.

RCF Art 500 Monitor Speaker