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The RCF ART 310A is an active, 2-way speaker system, 350-w bi-amplified. It integrates a high power, a complete electronic processor section and RCF low distortion, high power neodymium transducers. This system provides quality output and vocal intelligibility. Includes the 10" neodymium woofer in compact 2 way speakers. Features a 2.5" voice coil, very high efficiency and controlled bass reproduction. The compression driver uses a 1.5" Mylar dome design and optimised geometry radial phase plug. This innovative design is powered from a high flux neodymium magnet offering a very open and natural midrange sound with extreme precision in high frequency reproduction. A generous 2-step class-H design is used to power the low frequencies and the compression driver amplifier is a warm and clear class AB design. Incredibly lightweight, ART 310A uses high efficiency TAED amplifier and neodymium woofer and compression driver for the maximum output in the minimum weight ever seen in the 10" active speaker.

RCF Art 310a Active 10" Speaker

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