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The Pioneer DJM-850K is a great sounding 4-channel DJ mixer that’s sure to rock any party. It supports up to 4 inputs/outputs simultaneously without any loss in overall sound quality and with a built in 24bit/96kHz sound card, premium audio components and an intuitive design, the DJM-850K is sure to become a mainstay mixer in the modern DJ world.

Designed with user operability in mind, this top-performing mixer is laid out in a way that makes creative mixing and control easy. Ergonomic, high-performing faders, knobs and buttons give you the tactile feel and control you need to focus completely on the music.

Perfect for DJs who prefer to leave their laptop at home, the DJM-850K allows for a more natural mixing experience, with a number of high-quality onboard effects instantly accessible through the touch of a button (such as Sound Color FX, Beat Color FX and Beat Effect).

However, DJM-850K is also easily connectable to a PC or Mac via USB and features 32-bit DSP (digital signal processing) giving software inclined DJs the option to mix and create with a range of music production software – such as Traktor Scratch 2. The unit is also MIDI enabled. Indeed, this professional digital mixer offers a myriad of sonic possibilities.

Pioneer DJM 850 4ch DJ Mixer

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