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Introducing the Pioneer DJM-S9, the new standard in 2-Channel Performance DJ Mixers!
This powerful two-channel battle mixer has been designed from the ground up with the latest innovations, technology and design to give DJs a whole new level of performance.

Unlike any other mixer available the DJM-S9 features a fully customisable fader set-up thanks to the new MAGVEL faders, DJs can adjust the tension, curve, and even insert rubber stoppers to suit their scratching style. The S9 is also loaded with other features including ‘Serato DJ ready’ dual USB soundcard for seamless DJ rotation / battle mixing, 6 assignable Serato FX triggers, on-board FX processor, 8 large RGB trigger pads per channel for controlling hot cues, loops, sampler, and slicer, plus more.
This is the ultimate DJ Mixer for DJs serious about performance and sound.

Pioneer DJM S9 2ch DJ Mixer

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