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Product Features

  • Live performance digital control centre with up to 144 simultaneous input channels and 96 kHz sample rate

  • 123 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses

  • 21" full colour TFT display screen with capacitive touch sensing

  • Advanced and multi gesture, touchscreen user interface

  • Award-winning Midas microphone preamplifiers

  • HyperMAC and AES50 networking allows up to 480 inputs and 480 outputs @ 96 kHz sample rate

  • Dual Network Bridge Format Converter with up to 128 Bidirectional Channels and Asynchronous Sample Rate Conversion

  • 24 VCA (variable control association) groups, and 24 POPulation groups

  • Up to 48 assignable 1/3 octave Klark Teknik DN370 graphic equalisers

  • Up to 24 multi-channel digital signal processing effects engines

  • Integrated Bluetooth and wireless transceiver module

  • Dual ULTRANET Ports providing 32 additional digital outputs

  • 28 MIDAS PRO motorised 100 mm faders

  • Fully interpolated touch sensitive controls

  • Optional wireless remote control with remote application

  • Dual redundant auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supplies

Midas HD96 144ch Digital Console 96 kHz

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