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  • 4x EL34 output valves and 4x ECC83 preamp valves

  • Footswitchable Accutronics Spring Reverb with Dual controls (one for Clean, one for Crunch/Lead)

  • Individual Presence controls and Deep switches for Clean and Crunch/Lead channels - Two Parallel FX loops (footswitchable)

  • XLR DI output featuring Marshall's acclaimed speaker emulation, allowing direct connection to recording or PA mixing desks without the need for microphones or DI boxes

  • A Power Amp Mute facility for silent recording via the built-in DI

  • A ruggedly built, 5-way LED footcontroller which gives you the ability to switch between the three individual channels, plus switch the Reverb and the two FX Loops on/off

  • An innovative Virtual Power Reduction (VPR) switch which, when engaged, emulates the sound and feel of a 25 Watt valve power amp

Marshall JCM 2000 Triple Super Lead Guitar Head

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