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JAG IMX6A is a professional standard slimline headset designed for solo and stage performers wanting beautiful tone and resonance as well as a high SPL level - all crammed into a comfortable, lightweight frame.

The frame is designed to be absorbed into the shape of the user's head. Made out of spring steel, it allows careful shaping to suit the user. An adjustable boom allows for accurate positioning of the tiny capsule (just 3mm wide).

The high quality element within the capsule offers stunning performance to capture the best sonic reproduction of speech and vocals.

Carefully designed and embedded electronics handle the element's frequency response abilities and ensure the correct voltage and current power the tiny, sensitive element. This is why the IMX6A is available as different models according to the equipment it is to be used with (including Shure TA4 connections, AKG Mini XLR configuration and Sennheiser 3.5mm screw lock plug).

Just Audio Headworn Headset Microphone Skin-Colour

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