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  • Up to 20 remote E101 units can be connected to one E401 master station
  • Connection between the master station and the substations is via standard two-core screened microphone cables
  • Audio levels remain constant when stations join or leave the line
  • Cable lengths of up to a kilometre may be used
  • Audio circuits are designed to give high intelligibility even in the presence of dimmer noise and strong RF fields
  • Four isolated outputs
  • Circuit On LED per channel
  • Circuit Call LED per channel
  • Headset connector on front panel
  • Headset level control
  • Master Call illuminated switch
  • Microphone On/Off switch
  • Program input connector
  • Program mic/line switch
  • Program level control
  • Power On/Overload LED
  • Remote mic disable facility
  • Backlit switches are easily identified in dark or low-light situations
  • High quality metal-bodied connectors
  • Simple/rugged design

Jands Ezicom 4ch Master Station Incl. Headset

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