Tecton uses CAMCO's advanced technologies to deliver a range of amplifiers, where high audio quality, power and reliability is of highest priority.

Sonic Integrity

Based on the technology of the renowned Vortex series, the Tecton series offers excellent sonic integrity, with some of the markets best audio specifications delivering low distortion and high dynamic range.

Load & Cost Optimized

The Tecton series is optimized for either high or low impedance loads. This unique concept allows for complete application focus reducing unwanted feature and cost. Where specific tools are required for specific use Tecton delivers it all - even in the most power demanding venues.

Low Weight &“ High Reliability

With a weight of just 9,4 kg, the Tecton series is ideal for PA and Monitor installation in all market sections. CAMCO's rugged design and high reliability make the Tecton series a cost effective option for the discerning user.

Optional Remote Control, DSP & Network

All Tecton amplifiers can be upgraded with CAMCO'™s advanced controller-modules. These offer the possibility for loudspeaker management, remote control and digital audio network in any desired combination. The possibility for upgrades makes any CAMCO amplifier a future-proof investment.

6 Years Warranty

CAMCO amplifiers renowned reliability is backed up by 6 years warranty from date of first purchase.

The Tecton 38.4 delivers 1900W @ 4 ohms per channel.

Camco Tecton 38.4 Power Amplifier