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Z-1200II dominates the entry-level of Z-Series II Fogger for high performance output necessary to scale up the machine's efficiency. It is equipped with ECO thermal control system and patented UNICORE heater technology where the heater core can be easily draw-out from the heater block ensuring quick and easy cleaning; trouble-free from clogging therefore always maintaining optimum performance output at all times. The heater element is like a jet air stream that can deliver a powerful fog in order to create the very best atmospheric effect. (perfect for mid-air smoke as well) Z-1200II comes with high-quality pump and electronic low-fluid detector also known as Thermal Cut-Off (TCO), which automatically reactivates and shuts down the pump power when the fluid level is low and depleted.

Other features include standard hanging bracket to facilitate in any installations or on the road from venue to venue.

Antari Z1200 High-Output Smoke Machine

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